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Our Story

The beginning

Wilson Drinks started in 1945 in the city of President Prudente, in the countryside of São Paulo, as an industry that produces distilled drinks, liquor, and compound wines, making them one of the country’s most traditional manufacturers in the segment.

Solidification - The 60’s

This time solidified the dream of the founder and Japanese immigrant Motoichi Oki, who brought the will and perseverance of continuing a three-century old family tradition as a sakê manufacturer with him to Brazil. During the 60’s, the production of food products started through the launch of D’ajuda pepper sauces line and Mitsuwa shoyu in 1968.

The 60’s
The 80’s
New lines

During the 80's, Wilson Drinks inaugurated a new industrial unit in the city of Regente Feijó that had processing lines for tomato products, giving rise to a new national champion of sales: ketchup and the D’ajuda line of sauces and extract. Subsequently new lines of food products were incorporated, such as: powdered drink mix, mayonnaise, mustard, various sauces, condiments and powdered chocolate, which are now part of the company's success story.

Renewal - 2006

Starting in 2006 to solidify its success in the food industry, Wilson Drinks took over the name Wilson Foods, initiating a new cycle of renewal and growth in the company's history.


Motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Motoichi Oki, and for its belief in hard work and honesty as the basis for development, Wilson Foods would like to thank all of its employees, clients, partners, suppliers, and especially its consumers, for the important role played so far in this success story. And would like to take advantage of the opportunity to invite and congratulate all who will still be part of this trajectory in the future.


Establish strong and long-term relationships with our customers and consumers, providing them with the best solutions in products and services, guaranteeing the competitiveness and sustainability of the company.

Shared values


Working as a team recognizing individuals and groups for achieved results.


Innovate continuously with creativity.


Maintain credibility together with clients, partners, employees and the community for ethical actions and integrity.


Ensuring the quality of our products and services aimed at satisfying our customers.


Ensuring the quality of our products and services aimed at satisfying our customers.

Social responsibility

Legal Wood Certification

Wilson Foods has the Forest Replacement certificate. Timber from legal origins comes from farms in areas with sustainable forest management plans or previously licensed deforestation permits.

The Scouts of Brazil

The company Wilson Foods has a certificate, by action of social responsibility for the support given to the Scout movement. The company always collaborates with food donations.

Solidarity Company Seal

Wilson Foods has the Solidarity Company seal. The Solidarity Company Seal is a sign that identifies companies that support charities in their work to assist underprivileged societies.

Women's Volleyball Partnership Project

Wilson Foods is one of the sponsors of the President Prudente ACAE/SEMEPP volleyball team. In this project, Wilson Foods encourages social inclusion through sport.

Philanthropic Institutions

The company actively participates with donations to various institutions in our region, such as the Cancer Hospital, Lumen et Fides, the São Rafael Home, and others.